The Cherry on Top of Your Thanksgiving Meal

What Items Do We Offer For Thanksgiving?

A list of all Items offered is at the bottom of the page below the submission form

Jumbo Cookies, Fluffy Breads and Mouthwatering Pies

Whether you’re a school, church, sports team or any other organization, we want to work with you in hopes of raising your best fundraiser yet! And it works great because everyone loves pies and breads, especially around Thanksgiving time. Ultimately yielding you higher participation rates which will benefit both you and everyone involved that will be enjoying a pie with their Thanksgiving meal!


Getting Started

Starting your fundraiser with us is Easy! First, we ask that you fill out the form below, letting us know some basic information regarding who you are, how to contact you and a rough idea on how large your order is going to be. Once you’re finished with the form, clicking the submit button at the bottom will send it our way. After we receive your submission, we will reply to you with an order form of our Thanksgiving items for you to let us know how many of each you will be ordering. Finally, we ask that you send us your final order by November 20th for us to deliver to you in the days before holiday!

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Our Thanksgiving Items

Our Pies

Apple Crumb Pie - 2015 National Pie Contest Winner

Country Pecan - 2015 National Pie Contest Winner

Dark Chocolate Pecan

Fruits of the Forest


Apple Pie



Our Cookies

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie

Our Breads

Hot Chocolate and Oreo Cookie

Pumpkin Dark Chocolate

Banana Dark Chocolate

Cranberry Orange Nut

Apple Crumb

Banana Nut




Zucchini Nut

If you’re Planning on Participating

We ask that you fill out the form and email it to us prior to October 18th

We do not need your final order until November 20th

For delivery, we require that the minimum order is $750. However, we can arrange less if you are picking up.

All deliveries will be made the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving

Happy Holidays and Thank You

White Post Farms