The Evolution of Our Farm

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The Early Years

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The Brigati Family

Our great-grandparents came to New York and settled on Long Island in 1876. They purchased land, planted vegetables, and began raising a family.


Rise of the Potato

By the early 20th century, potatoes had become Long Island’s most important cash crop. Our family increased potato production on the farm to keep up with the growing demand. In 1910, farmers in Suffolk County harvested at least 2,500,000 bushels of potatoes. And that was just the beginning.


Struggle and Perseverance

The Depression changed the face of agriculture. Prices dropped, harvest production slowed, and many farmers went bankrupt. But the Brigati family persevered. We grew and raised all our own food and helped neighbors who were also struggling in the tough economic climate.


A Vegetable Boom

The end of the Depression marked a new beginning for farming across the country. While the potato was still king, Long Island farms started to focus on other vegetable crops, including tomatoes, cabbage, celery, and onions. The Brigati family was especially eager to expand.

Planting Our Feet


Expansion & Distribution

Greater vegetable yields on the farm inevitably led to grocery store distribution in 1953. Our trucks could be spotted making the rounds throughout Long Island, and the Brigati Farm quickly became a produce favorite in towns beyond our native Huntington


Grown Locally

Although neighbors could always count on our family to help meet their produce needs, it was not until 1964 that we formally set up a farm stand. People near and far now had a place they could depend on for fresh, locally grown vegetable

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A Budding Future

Our father, Ron Brigati, envisioned a new potential market for our farm in the mid ‘60s. He wanted to grow plants and flowers from seeds and make them available to our customers for purchase. After perfecting our methods, we became the first farm on Long Island to grow and sell annuals


A Name is Born

Customers were eager to spread the word about us, but they only had our surname to go by. So in 1971, we became White Post Farms, a name inspired by the white posts that stood as markers at the farm’s entrance

Growth of the Family

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Getting Involved

We launched our first plant fundraiser in 1974 to support local schools and charities. Our efforts continue to grow, and today we are proud to partner with organizations across Long Island for our annual fundraisers.


Nona’s Pies & Breads

In the early ‘80s, our grandmother, Nona, began baking and selling pies and breads in small batches at our farm stand. Her work inspired our first pie fundraiser in 1994 to help schools and local organizations with underfunded programs

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The Fourth Generation

When we were kids, we frequently helped our father with the farm’s daily tasks and responsibilities. The older we got, the more responsibility we took on, and by the late ‘80s, we had taken on active roles in managing the family business.


The Animal Farm

The arrival of Billy the Goat marked the opening of our beloved animal farm in 1989. Many of today’s goats can proudly trace their lineage back to Billy! A year-round destination for Long Island families, our animal farm today includes birds, llamas, monkeys, and even kangaroos!

The Start of the New


 The First Fall Farm Festival

In 1991, White Post Farms held the first fall farm festival of its kind on Long Island. We offered pumpkin picking, pony rides, face painting, fresh apple cider, and family entertainment. The tradition has continued and grown ever since


Party Animals

With so many parents always asking, it was only a matter of time before we started hosting birthday parties! We now celebrate birthdays for children of all ages, giving them and their families an opportunity to experience the farm in a unique and memorable way



Fundraising With Pies

Working with schools, churches, youth group and many other organizations to help them make money in the most enjoyable way. With pies! A staple of our American culture is the Apple Pie, one of our specialties. We found a way to work directly with your organizations in a way which benefits everyone!


Our Own Breads

Inspired by our Nona’s work, we began making and distributing our own gourmet breads, along with pies and pound cakes, in 2002. Original recipes and unique flavor combinations continue to be our trademark. Today we are proud to boast over 30 varieties and counting!

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White Post Goes Online

With the rise of the internet and world wide web, white post felt the need to get involved too. As a means of reaching out to more people and showing the world our history and what we have to offer.

2006 - 2008

Best Birthday Parties On Long Island

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing the elated faces on your children at their birthday party. Working around the mentality of giving both the kids and adults a memorable experience and a fun filled day brought attention to our farm parties.



Ronnie’s Birdy Landing

Giving our customers an interaction with our animals on a whole new level, our bird aviary accomplishes just that. Having beautiful species of birds land on your hands and shoulders while they nibble on the feed brings out such a sense of wonder for many kids.


National Pie Championships Winner

We made our Nona proud with this one. Basing our recipes on her home-style pies she baked for us when we were kids. We took her recipe to the top by taking home the gold in both the Pecan and Apple Crumb Pie categories.



Festival Food Meets our Fall Farm Festival

Mouthwatering Ribs, Juicy Tacos and the sweetest treats you can get! Our fall Farm Festival got an upgrade in the food category. So when you come, come hungry because you’re in for a treat!


Patches the Giraffe

You don’t have to look far to find the most lovable, adorable creature you will lay your eyes on. Because she loves to be the center of attention. Our Giraffe, Patches, loves people even more than her snacks which you can feed her on your next visit to the farm!

 Patches the Giraffe at White Post Farms


The Next Generation Gets Involved

When two becomes four and four becomes ten, our family has expanded with the growth of our business. A business and tradition kept within our family for over 140 years with many more to come.


National Pie Competition First Place Cream Pies

Growing our pie selection into the category of cream pies went over as a huge success! With the hard work of the White Post bakery perfecting our recipes, we placed first for our Blueberry Cream, Banana Cream and Pumpkin Cream Pies!



Banana Bread Co Shipping Nationwide

Since you loved our banana bread so much, we decided to step it up a notch and deliver it to you regardless of where you are in the states. Check us out on


Oliver the Giraffe

Our Baby boy is the cutest creature on our farm. We adopted and hand-raised him to be more than comfortable with people and some may say he thinks he’s a human. Just a really tall one.