How We Grow

From Our Greenhouse to Your Home

We strive every day to provide our customers with “plants that work” in both their gardens and patio containers. Our plants are grown in our greenhouses in Melville, NY. This ensures full availability throughout the spring and summer seasons, quality control, and the best possible prices for all of our new, popular, edible, and unusual varieties. They are also trial proven and selected for their garden performance, including heat tolerance and overall plant quality.

Most of the plants grown at White Post Farms are started from seeds, plugs, and cuttings back in January. That’s right, when everyone is shoveling snow, we’re thinking about plants…and a lot of them! We currently grow 3 acres of spring annuals and perennials from start to the finished container. They are then loaded onto carts and rolled right up to the plant department in our Garden Center.

As environmental stewards and leaders in the community, we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as part of our commitment to responsible growing. IPM is an effective approach to pest management that relies on common-sense farming practices and minimally invasive pest control methods. Our IPM-trained staff members regularly scout our growing facility for hot spots where bug populations are beyond acceptable. When a problem is identified, they take immediate and appropriate measures. Targeted practices such as this cut down on the use of pesticides because we only apply chemicals, when necessary, in specified amounts, thereby reducing the impact we have on our environment.

So don’t miss this opportunity to purchase locally and responsibly grown plant material. Stop by today and check out our full selection of proven winners, select annuals, and simply beautiful plant collections.

Meet the Grower

Passionate in his craft of over 30 years, Rich has worked tirelessly to ensure our greenhouse meets the end of the rainbow with the beautiful array of colors each season. Which, after many seasons of growing, Rich has built the White Post Farms nursery to something we are all proud of. A cornerstone of our name that ties us to our fundamental roots of our ancestors growing potatoes. Rich made sure that we don’t deviate too far from those roots and stays true to keeping them planted year after year.