Garden Supplies and Decor

Our Garden Center

Browse our garden center for just the accent your garden needs, whether it’s a bushel full of butterflies or a mischievous gnome, a stone column or a twinkling windmill.

White Post Farms also offers a beautiful selection of fountains in a range of different styles and finishes. Adding the element of water to your garden promotes a feeling of serenity and creates a tranquil space for both visitors and the foliage they have come to admire.

With dozens of brands and hundreds of products to choose from, White Post Farms literally has everything to meet your gardening needs. Our diverse selection includes organic products, liquid fertilizers, osmocote, grass seed, vegetable and flower seeds, sprinklers, water wands, plant stands, watering cans, and too much more to list! We also carry an extensive line of potting soils, garden soils, landscape mulch, and vegetable soils.

Fond of your feathery friends? Browse our collection of bird feeders and blended birdseed to attract more native birds to your garden sanctuary.

And check in with us in the unfortunate event that your garden encounters a pest or disease that needs immediate attention. White Posts Farms has you covered with a large supply of natural and organic products just right for the job, as well as disease controls, insecticides, and fungicides.