Fall Mum Fundraiser

What says welcome like Mums on your Doorstep?

It’s that time of year again. The fall. Perhaps the most beautiful time in the North East. A time when color spreads across the land bringing with it holidays and good times. Although, during this time, some of us are too busy to stop and smell the roses. So why not bring the roses to them?

Maybe not roses, but mums are beautiful as well. They liven up the home, welcome people at your doorstep and make for the perfect gift for mom.

Liven up the fall with a colorful fundraiser

Whether you’re a school, church, sports team or any other organization, we want to work with you in hopes of raising your best fundraiser yet! Our fall mum fundraiser has been trusted for many years as a great way to liven up people’s homes and your organization’s pockets. Please continue for more information regarding our fundraiser as we look forward to working with you this year and in those to come!


 Getting Started 

Call us to reserve your plant sale delivery date and time ASAP. We highly recommend that you book your mum sale by September 5th because our calendar tends to book very quickly. The best way to get in contact with us is by filling out the form below to give us a preliminary idea on how we can best aid your fundraiser. Upon filling out the form, we will reply to your email with further details regarding your fundraiser and how we can make it your best one yet. For a direct line of contact, our office number is (631) 427-3464 or you can e-mail us at fundraising@whitepostfarms.net

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