Tropical Plants

Bring the islands to your home with our selection of tropical plants from white post farms. These beautiful plants work great to add a beautiful color to your deck, patio and backyard. And being tropical, all they require is full sun and frequent water for them to hold their beautiful colors all summer long.

Our tropicals are one of our most sought after plants for mother’s day. With their warm colors, sweet aroma and long life, these flowers make for the perfect gift and way to say I love you.

This page has all the tropicals we have to offer during our spring and summer seasons. If you have any questions, please contact us.




Hibiscus Flower

Palm Trees


General Information and Pricing of Our Tropical Plants

 Our Tropical flowers are grown mostly in Florida and shipped our way for the final few weeks before populating our greenhouse and to your doorstep. Without this step, we simply wouldn’t be able to have them in stock until well after mother’s day. That’s due to the climate that they need where we cannot provide them the full sun, warmth and humidity which these beautiful plants thrive in. So make sure you leave them outside in a full sun area and water them frequently to get the most life out of your tropicals.