Our Perennials

Grown start to finish in our Greenhouse

Much like the rest of our flowers we have for you, our perennials begin in early February in anticipation for their budding in the late spring.

Beautiful colors, year after year

Remaining dormant in the winter in anticipation for spring. Perennials are a beautiful type of plant that helps complete any garden, backyard or any setting. Complimenting our annuals with their tall flowers; our perennials are waiting for you in our greenhouse of colors.

A Pleasant Plant and a Great Gift

Perennials, are one of the easier plants to maintain. They look and grow best in outdoor environments with good sun and require minimal extra watering.

 General Information on Our Perennils

A Focal Point of Our Nursery

Perennials have always been one of our favorite flowers to grow since the beginning. Being their larger size and intricacies, they demand much more attention by their colorful flowers.

All the perennials we have in stock are pictured on this page and available for purchase at our greenhouse. You will find our prices for perennials to be a great deal and are as follows.