Culinary Herbs, Vegetables and Tomatoes

Homegrown Culinary Herbs

Parsley is great with any Italian dish, especially some Chicken Parmesan

Rosemary is a very versatile herb that goes very well with Vegetables, especially potatoes

Basil being the heart of Italian food completes all sauces and can accent most dishes

Some more Italian parsley for all your Italian dishes

French Tarragon has a heavily aromatic taste and smell that enhances the flavor of most seafood recipes

Add An Aromatic Spice to Your Cooking

Cooking with herbs is one of the best ways to add a beautiful flavor and smell to any dish. Of course, each herb has a family of dishes it will pair best with and others that it will make worse. That’s why we labeled all the herbs with our favorite recipes to add them into.

Maybe the best reason to cook with these herbs over store bought ones is what they can add to a meal. Sure, store bought herbs get the job done, but are nothing compared to homegrown herbs.

Put it in drinks, vegetable sautés or into a salad, Mint has a great taste and versatile uses

Similar to Rosemary, French Lavender has a wide range of uses in grilling and and sautés

No Thanksgiving stuffing is complete without Sage as it gives that underlying taste we love

Every dish gets better with time and many are improved with Thyme

Vegetable Gardens

Starting your Vegetable Garden

Have you ever had a vegetable garden before? Well, if not, now is the perfect time to start and here, at White Post Farms, we have everything you need.

Most importantly, we have the seedlings for all your favorite greens that are ready for you to plant. Additionally, our garden center carries any gardening tools, decorations and soils you will need to bring your garden to life.

If you are a beginner who has never gardened before, but are wanting to enjoy the freshest vegetables you can imagine. We invite you to come to our garden center as we can help you build your garden, or feel free to contact us.

These spicy Sorrento Peppers have the kick all you spice lovers are looking for

With its thick walls, the Tiburon pepper is perfect for stuffing with your favorite meal and baking

Who doesn’t love Eggplant, especially when it’s grown in your garden to taste even better!

No snack is healthier than your homegrown veggies

Swiss Chard pairs with a variety of vegetables and makes for a great base in any healthy sauté

“Gardening fights stress even better than other hobbies” - CNN

Cheddar Cauliflower holds a slightly sweeter taste than a typical Cauliflower

Open your child’s mind to be beautiful simplicity of gardening

A giant Pepper with a taste to pair is our Giant Marconi Peppers, an Italian staple pepper

Fry it, Grill it, Slice it however you want, Cabbage can be cooked to your any desire

Broccoli, one of essential greens has so many uses and helps build a balanced diet

Hungarian Wax Peppers, akin to a Jalapeno in spice but with a tanginess that makes it unique

Let’s start with your favorite

With its fruitful taste and thick walls, California Wonder peppers are great for stuffing and salads

Brussel Sprouts make great in any sauté, baked and mixed with any other vegetables

Cubanelle Peppers, coming in a variety of colors without heat are great in Italian and Spanish meals

Kale. The green the world is catching onto has a variety of uses in salads, sautés, and more

Collard Greens are a southern staple recipe, easy to make, healthy and tasty

Whether it’s Part of A Healthy Snack or a Great Dinner

Every vegetable has a home from the most intricate dishes to a standalone snack. But that snack becomes much more special knowing the time and care you put into growing your food from the ground up. It adds to the already heightened flavor of your grow and something that you will be calling others over to enjoy too.

All the vegetables we have in our greenhouse are pictured above with their names in the caption below. Our seedlings are only available at our greenhouse, and hopefully we will see you starting your vegetable garden soon!

 Juicy Tomatoes

You haven’t enjoyed a tomato until you have grown your own. The difference in taste is so sublime as you realize for the first time how much you have been missing out on. How well they pair with everything and hold such a sweetness that adds to any dish.

All the tomatoes we have to offer are grown from seed in our greenhouse. However, only a few of those tomatoes are pictured below so we added the entire list of our tomato selection below for you to pick up your favorite on your next visit to White Post Farms.

Our Tomato Selection

La Roma


Mr Stripey


German Johnson Pink

Beefsteak Hybrid


Cherry Red

Lemon Boy

Early Girl

Green Grape