Our Annual Colors

Annual Plants

The most colorful gift to give is one that’s living, breathing, and grows into something that’s even more beautiful that what it began as. The gift of life. A life to brighten up any room from being a corner fixture to its centerpiece. Or the centerpiece of a relationship as these flowers make for great gifts for mothers day and any other occasion.

All the annuals we grow in our greenhouse are highlighted on this page. So take the time to look at the beautiful colors we have to offer and contact us if you have any questions.

All our flowers are grown on our home soil from seed to flower

Each plant unique and colorful as the person who deserves it

Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world

Which one is your favorite?

We also operate one of Long Island’s longest running flower fundraisers and wholesale departments.

 General Information and Pricing of Our Annual Plants

Our annual plants require partial sun are work great as in house plants. Although, they do also look fantastic in the landscaping around your home in making it feel more lively.

Typically, our bloom on annual plants begins in the middle of April and we have our greenhouse filled with them by the first of may. We don’t currently take online orders, but you would rather come to our greenhouse anyway and pick your flowers for yourself anyway.

With regards to pricing of our annuals.