Create focal points of color, texture, and depth throughout your landscape.
Container gardening has unlimited potential. From the basic and beautiful to the complex and exquisite, container gardens are a creative way to brighten every last nook of your landscape. Create a series of focal points through strategically placed flower combinations or mix some function with your aesthetic, like by planting a patch of peppers in a window box. Or perhaps your patio or porch could use a cleverly unique container or two to invite and interest your guests. There is no question that container gardening is an art form. As the seasons change, so will your ideas, and the more out of the box they are, ironically, the better. And anyone can master it! All it takes is some planning, a little time, and your personal touch.

White Post Farms has one of the largest selections of outdoor containers on Long Island, including a full range of different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes for all corners of your garden. We work with customers to find precisely what it is they need for the arrangements they desire. Perhaps you’re looking for specific flowers or have a certain color scheme in mind, or maybe you want to showcase the containers themselves and want plants that will complement without overshadowing. Whatever it is, our staff members welcome any challenge. We know what plants work, why colors jive, what containers will pop, and how it all comes together.

New to container gardening? Getting started is easy! To help get you on your way, we’ve laid out a few simple steps…

  1. cotainer2c-pic.pngDecide on the size and location of your container, as this will help you determine the type of plants you will use and how many. If you don’t already own the container, our garden center has hundreds for you to browse. Remember that one of the most essential components of a container is drainage. Holes at the bottom of your box or bowl or basket will ensure that water can properly drain after each watering.
  2. When choosing your arrangement, it’s important to make sure that the light requirements for all the plants are the same. If the location requires full sun, then try to combine only plants that will do well in such an environment.
  3. The most successful containers are the ones that combine colorful plants with different textures, shapes, and heights blended together to create diverse arrangements with multiple levels of interest.
  4. Choose your potting soil wisely.Well-drained potting soil is critical to ensure that your plants are able to effectively bring up nutrients through their roots. It is best to get rid of the previous year’s potting soil, which most likely has a depleted level of nutrients, and replace it with fresh soil. Do not use garden soil or top soil as they are much too heavy for container gardening.
  5. Fill your container 4″ from the top with fresh potting soil, and then begin to place your plants in their desired locations beginning in the middle of the container. Once the plants are all laid out, you can finish filling the container with potting soil.
  6. Top dress container with osmocote slow release fertilizer, then water thoroughly.
  7. Maintenance is easy! Just make sure to keep the soil moist. Fertilize using liquid feed bi-weekly, and give a second application of osmocote two months later.
  8. Grower Tip: For best results, make sure that all plants are watered thoroughly before planting them into the finished container.