Brighten up the summer with annuals sure to liven up your garden.
Easy for anyone to grow, annuals are the workhorse of the garden. Annuals lend a huge array of bold, vibrant colors to your landscape and are the perfect plant for adding instant color to your garden. Annuals are ideal for creating hanging baskets, window boxes, or just planting in garden beds. Because annuals produce seeds that means they will die at the end of the season but with this a great opportunity is offered to try different color themes and arrangement year after year.

When considering what to plant it is important to know the number of hours of sunlight at the location to allow for better results when the plant grows. Here’s the breakdown:

Full sun – 6-8 hours of sunlight
Partial sun – 4 hours of sunlight
Partial shade – 2-3 hours of sunlight
Shade – 2 hours or less of sunlight